“Benjamin, your guitars have changed my life! My playing skills have improved so much because of the way your guitars play. I’m doing things, I never thought I would ever do, but always wanted to. They are so exquisitely beautiful in all aspects of their design, and so solid in their build! Every time I play, and that’s daily, I’m filled with excitement and joy. Images of you in your shop creating my guitars dance through my mind. It’s a beautiful obsession I have, thanks to you.

You have created a standard of excellence in craftsmanship, aesthetics, and quality beyond any other guitars in this world. You have miraculously managed to incorporate into one instrument everything a guitar player dreams of with tones that are so beautiful, that they have to be heard to be believed. There is no Gibson or Fender, or any other guitar that rises to the level of a LaGrange guitar. I know that all who own a LaGrange guitar will agree with my thoughts.”

Shahe D. – California, USA

“I would like to share my guitar build. Benjamin built me a piece of art. The guitar turned out perfect. Not only is he a master builder but a great guy.

He will answer all your questions during the build and help guide you with his knowledge. At the end I got my dream guitar and more important a new friend!”

Richard G.  – Florida, USA

“The spoken word is a contracted expression of our thoughts and can’t easily paint what we are thinking -The same is with the dream of a guitar’s tone- Benjamin Wasservogel of La Grange Guitars and I have been working closely over the last few years to see if we could actually build a guitar that would express the sweet unique sound I am always dreaming of in my heart and ears and today it has come true!”

Lazer Lloyd – Songwriter and Performing Artist

“Benjamin, I love my Wheel, everything about it.  It is light and comfortable, yet feels solid.  It sounds fantastic, no matter what I play on it.  The two P90 configuration we went with is simple, yet incredibly versatile.  The craftsmanship is superb, from the body and neck carve to the finish.  It is just a beautiful guitar, an absolute pleasure to play and has become the first guitar I grab whether for practice or a gig.  I can’t recommend a La Grange guitar highly enough.

I also so much enjoyed working with you on this guitar.  I thought I was getting too wordy, but for me, that was a great part of the process.  Your excitement and desire to craft a wonderful instrument came through in every communication, and his steady stream of pictures was so much fun, creating a sense of anticipation at getting the next update.  The whole process was great from a customer perspective.”

Mike A. – NY, USA

“It was with great anticipation that I opened my Grand Wheel guitar case for the first time.  The first impression was WOW! What a beautiful instrument.  The feel of the neck, comfort of the body and detail of the construction is just perfect.  The sound is clean and range of tone is really rich. My guitar gets played every day and I just love it!”

Ross C. – California, USA

 “I’m a proud owner of a Grand Wheel. This guitar breathes mojo from every pore of the great tone woods it is made of. The resonation is beyond words. There’s something about electric guitars that you strum and “feel the tone”, guitars like this one. It sits well and feels broken in. Don’t get me wrong, I own my fair share of high end instruments and this one is right up there at the top with the rest of them. Did I mention it’s friggin’ gorgeous too?”

Andre V. – Miami, USA


I have to tell you I have quite a family of guitars, all carefully selected and weeded out to keep the best of the best. From Gibson Collectors Choice 59 Bursts, teles and strats hand selected Custom Shop pieces, Charles Whitfills, Bartletts and a wonderful Memphis 335

What I noticed right away was the perfect balance as I held it. Sitting down the lower waist fit my leg with the neck at the ideal position. Not all guitars do this.

Second was the amazing neck carve. The perfect fullness and lovely rolled fingerboard edges. The volute is a work of art and feels so natural.

Playing acoustically, it was obvious that this guitar is great wood, clear, ringing and resonant.

Plugging in I appreciated the ideal setup, spot-on intonation and clarity.

I thought a single volume and tone would be limiting but no, each position has great character and a beautiful sweet voice.

Playing through a variety of clean and overdriven sounds, all with classic American circuits, it was obvious the Grand Wheel was totally “alive”.

One can talk about good wood or matching neck and body woods but you take this to a new level. What I noticed was how even the ring, sustain and resonance was, not only in position 1-8 but above the 12th fret where many guitars seem to lack resonance. The Grand Wheel continued to sing everywhere on the fretboard with vibratos holding on and on, even without overdrive.

Mt father was a violinist and I know violin tone with singing vibrato. The Grand Wheel excels at these elusive qualities.

One thing I really appreciated was the mating of ebony for the fingerboard with mahogany for the body and neck. It adds a clarity and spankiness that many LP guitars lack.

Quality workmanship, hand made with superb tone woods and meticulously handcrafted, all in a lightweight balanced instrument that feels like part of my body, the La Grange Grand Wheel has turned out to be a real winner, right up there with the best of the best of handcrafted guitars.

Thank you, Benjamin!”

Craig C. – Carmel California, USA 

“First class guy! Incredible craftsmanship! Beautiful tones…What an Incredible instrument! Thank you Ben I wish I could give more stars. I will be getting another guitar from Ben in the future.”

Robert D. – USA (on

“The REAL DEAL. I took a shot on this builder and I’m so happy that I did. I have purchased a real gem from La Grange! These are not parts guitars, they are hand built. For the money you could not go wrong! I will buy more from him for sure. I do have many guitars to compare them to. Ben is a real pleasant gentleman to work with. I’m a fan! Help keep this guy doing his passion! Buy one, you thank me!”

Brian H. – USA (on

“Hi Benjamin, the playability of this guitar is off the charts great job! And it sounds amazing! Thanks again love the guitar!”

Alan S. – USA

“Some time ago, when I was looking for some blues music on YouTube I came across a guitar that I never seen before. The guitar was a Lazer Lloyd ST made by La Grange guitars, played by Lazer Lloyd. The sound of the guitar was amazing. I contacted Benjamin on La Grange guitars and asked him if he could build me a LLST guitar.He answered that he would be delighted to build me one. I chose standard specifications for the LLST in the colour of sonic blue. I got the guitar in May this year.

I have some other great guitars but since I got the LLST I hardly play them at all. The LLST feels amazing, looks wonderful, and sounds fantastic.

Benjamin is a great guy and luthier. I can highly recommend him and his guitars.”

Hans – Stockholm – Sweden

“It was about six months that I wanted to meet Benjamin from “La Grange guitar”…We finally did it and got together, especially to take a firsthand look and ear of his guitars. Unfortunately he brought “only” three to show me, but it was enough to drop my jaw to my pants! They just sang! They were comfortable and with a great feeling of wood that was just pet to smoothness! The fret work was flawless and with a semi vintage radius of 9.5 they felt GOOD. 
The body was vibrant against my belly when I was just strum open stings but the sensation I was getting from them, connected to my amps was a sense of a Roar vs a “Modern” Scream! They cut the mix but with sweetness and grace!  I was in love! 
I asked Benjamin if he could sell me one of them (I knew he takes custom orders – one at a time! He told me it’s a time issue and for paying close attention to each order)… he was very happy I did, and let me choose… I took the
Tiger Burst! She just made me cry! “

Aviad A. – Israel

“it was a pleasure to deal with BENJAMIN – professional, extremely nice and forwarding, and with a real friendly approach : I am sorry there are only 5 stars in your rating system, he deserves at least 7 stars”
Alex A. – Romania (on

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