“The spoken word is a contracted expression of our thoughts and can’t easily paint what we are thinking -The same is with the dream of a guitar’s tone-
Benjamin Wasservogel of La Grange Guitars and I have been working closely over the last few years to see if we could actually build a guitar that would express the sweet unique sound I am always dreaming of in my heart and ears and today it has come true!”

Lazer Lloyd


“First class guy! Incredible craftsmanship! Beautiful tones…What an Incredible instrument! Thank you Ben I wish I could give more stars. I will be getting another guitar from Ben in the future.”

Robert D. – USA (on Reverb.com)


“The REAL DEAL. I took a shot on this builder and I’m so happy that I did. I have purchase a real gem from La Grange! These are not parts guitars, they are hand built. For the money you could not go wrong! I will buy more from him for sure. I do have many guitars to compare them to. Ben is a real pleasant gentleman to work with. I’m a fan! Help keep this guy doing his passion! Buy one, you thank me!”

Brian H. – USA (on Reverb.com)


“Hi Benjamin, the playability of this guitar is off the charts great job! And it sounds amazing! Thanks again love the guitar!”

Alan S. – USA

“Thank you so much for this Masterpiece!”

Erez D. – Israel


“it was a pleasure to deal with BENJAMIN – professional, extremely nice and forwarding, and with a real friendly approach : I am sorry there are only 5 stars in your rating system, he deserves at least 7 stars (and, of course, I hardly can wait to play THE SULTAN NOIR he has crafted so well)”

Alex A. – Romania (on Reverb.com)


“It was about six months that I wanted to meet Benjamin from “La Grange guitar”…We finally did it and got together, especially to take a firsthand look and ear of his guitars. Unfortunately he brought “only” three to show me, but it was enough to drop my jaw to my pants! They just sang! They were comfortable and with a great feeling of wood that was just pet to smoothness! The fret work was flawless and with a semi vintage radius of 9.5 they felt GOOD.
The body was vibrant against my belly when I was just strum open stings but the sensation I was getting from them, connected to my amps was a sense of a Roar vs a “Modern” Scream! They cut the mix but with sweetness and grace!
I was in love!
So… I asked Benjamin if he could sell me one of them (I knew he takes custom orders – one at a time! He told me it’s a time issue and for paying close attention to each order)… he was very happy I did, and let me choose… I took the Tiger Burst! She just made me cry! “

Aviad A. – Israel